E11: Reframing suicide

E11: Reframing suicide

Recovery Stigma & self stigma Suicide

Episode Guests: Max Simensen

Many people across Australia and the world are afraid to talk about suicide. A common misconception is that talking about it will encourage and lead to suicide.

In episode 11 of It’s A Mind Field!, we start the conversation about suicide and some of the myths around it. We take a first-hand look at the factors that drive suicidal thinking and behaviour and reveal the powerful effect that holding space for someone going through this can have.

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E6: Sex and Death: Tender Conversations

E6: Sex and Death: Tender Conversations

Ageing Dementia Recovery Sex Sex Work Suicide

In today’s episode, we examine some of the things we hold near to our hearts but might be afraid to talk about. We talk openly about suicide from those with personal experience and what the research says. This is a story of hope, not despair.

We then have an interview we hope you’ll love as much as we do!

We interview a sex worker who specialises in working with clients who have dementia, living within aged care facilities. Though eye-opening, this is a story of tenderness, not titillation.

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