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S2 E9 War on Emotional Suppression

S2 E9 War on Emotional Suppression

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After 10 years in the mental health sector supporting patients, and being a patient himself, Max Simensen believes there is a better way to approach treatment.

Max speaks up against emotional suppression and discusses how people with mental health issues find a need to perform ‘unwellness’ in order to access the treatment they need.

Over the last two years, Max has led NSW’s first operational SafeHaven – a drop-in service, offering an alternative to Emergency Departments for people in suicidal distress. SafeHaven is staffed by peer workers who have their own lived experience of suicidality.

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S2 E5: Big Feelings – Part I

S2 E5: Big Feelings – Part I

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After 10 years in psychotherapy, Hannah Achelles has learned how to navigate big feelings. In this interview with co-host Chris Jaeger, Hannah talks about how she recognises and befriends emotions as a tactic to prevent them from becoming overwhelming and degenerating into depression. For those who experience extreme emotions, managing those feelings can be a complex and lifelong journey of self-awareness.

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Season 2

In Season 2, over 13 episodes, we'll more closely explore topics from the perspective of those with lived experience. We'd love you to join us for these fascinating insights into the wide variety of mental challenges, so that we can learn more about ourselves and those around us.

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