Chris Jaeger

S2 E3: Loneliness

S2 E3: Loneliness

Loneliness &/or isolation

Loneliness is a silent epidemic affecting one in three of us. It can negatively impact our mental and physical health.

Producer/presenter Chris Jaeger gives us his personal take on loneliness as he delves into the roles played by friendship, romantic connections, and loss.

Dr Michell Lim, Chair of Ending Loneliness Together, is an expert on the subject. She shares a scientific viewpoint, and in this conversation with Leon Fernandes, explains her mission to elevate awareness, and encourage actions, to address loneliness.

For more information on the Ending Loneliness campaign, visit –

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Season 2

In Season 2, over 13 episodes, we'll more closely explore topics from the perspective of those with lived experience. We'd love you to join us for these fascinating insights into the wide variety of mental challenges, so that we can learn more about ourselves and those around us.

Hugs! Chris, Leon and Hannah





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