Introducing It’s A Mind Field!

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Welcome to this 13 episode pilot season of ‘It’s A Mind Field!’ an audio-based multimedia community engagement project for, by and about Australians with lived experience of mental health challenges, launching on 23 July 2021.

We are Caroline Savransky, Chris Jaeger and Leon Fernandes – all experts by experience. Join us as we discuss the issues that matter to us all as we manage our lives through our challenges.

For this pilot season, we talk through 13 themes chosen by a poll of experts by experience, like us, exploring them with the best knowledge and names in the country. Listen on as we pick these themes apart in a chat among peers about how these affect us in our daily lives in a segment called ‘Club Mind’.

Stay tuned, because after Club Mind we have ‘Out of the Box’, where we talk about an interesting, mental health-related story, like ‘Praying the Gay Away’; ‘Surviving Sandy Hook’; Vicarious Trauma; and Expression through Poetry.

From 23 July, you can get ‘It’s A Mind Field!’ on your Google, Apple or Spotify podcast app, or go to our website to stream or download our episodes.

This pilot season is kindly funded by a grant from the Mental Health Commission of NSW.


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      This is the best! Thanks guys!


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