S1 E8: Mental Health in the Workplace

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Imagine that life is a video game and at the start of the game, everyone is gifted 90,000 ‘bonus hours’, to spend doing whatever tickles their fancy

How would you spend this time?

Would you explore the world with those you love the most?

Would you kick-back and watch re-runs of Sex and The City?

Or maybe rescue twelve dogs and start a commune in Alaska.

However you’d spend this time doesn’t matter; what matters is it’s yours.

I’m sorry to break this brief moment of fantasy; life is sadly not a utopian video-game with 90,000 bonus hours. The number 90,000 was selected because that’s how long the average person spends at work their lifetime.

Given how much time is spent at work, it’s not surprising that work and mental health are inextricably linked.

In today’s episode, we’re taking a close look at work and mental health from two very different angles.


Alexandra Rowe is an Assistant State Inspector in the Psychological Health and Safety Team at SafeWork NSW. In addition to undertaking complex investigations in the domains of workplace stress, violence, fatigue and workplace bullying, my foremost interest is in providing education and practical advice to support both workplaces and the generalist inspectorate of SafeWork NSW in relation to psychosocial hazards. Alexandra is an advocate for taking a wholistic approach to work health and safety to create and maintain not only physical but also mentally healthy workplaces across NSW.

In Club Mind, Caz, Chris and Leon speak candidly about how their work has interacted with their mental health.

Narelle Fraser was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years, 15 of those as a Detective with Homicide, Rape, Sex Crimes, Missing Persons & Child Exploitation Squads, specialising in sex offences & child abuse. She was involved in many high profile criminal investigations.

In 2012 Narelle was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & was never able to return to Policing. She overcame many adversities to become an ‘accidental’ mental health advocate & keynote speaker on stress in the workplace & the challenges of first responders facing trauma & grief on a daily basis.

Narelle has lectured in Investigative Techniques & Human Rights @ NMIT, Criminology & Specialist Interviewer Program @ Monash & is a policing & mental health commentator including an appearance on SBS Insight program ‘Calling it Quits’ in June 2021. Narelle has her own podcast series, ‘Narelle Fraser Interviews’ exploring the human side and impact of crime.

This podcast includes discussion around topics such as depression, stigma and suicide. We acknowledge that this content may be difficult. We also encourage you to care for your safety and well-being.

You can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or access the Suicide Callback Service on www.suicidecallbackservice.org.au or 1300 659 467

Season 2

In Season 2, over 13 episodes, we'll more closely explore topics from the perspective of those with lived experience. We'd love you to join us for these fascinating insights into the wide variety of mental challenges, so that we can learn more about ourselves and those around us.

Hugs! Chris, Leon and Hannah





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